NZTMS was established by Will Bowden as an independent and specialist turf-related advisory group in April 2019.

We are proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated.



The home of NZTMS is in Glenbrook, South Auckland. Here we operate from a dedicated building that houses an office space, turfgrass pathology facility and a specialist soil and plant laboratory. On our doorstep is an operational turf farm and as part of this site NZTMS has an established turfgrass research and development facility. The facility is constantly expanding and offers a unique environment in which to carry out scientific turf-related trials and short and long-term research programmes across a wide range of industry-related sectors. All of our research platforms are laser levelled, and can be adapted to either sand carpet or soil profiles with in-ground automated irrigation.


Where appropriate NZTMS is able to work in alliance with a  wider group of companies. These include: FieldTurf NZ, E-Turf and TIC Contracting. All of these companies offer a significant resource of practical and academic expertise which we believe enables us to offer a unique and highly experienced service to our clients.


Will Bowden's CV: