Golf Courses:


NZTMS has been providing one of the Worlds top golf courses: 'Tara Iti' with dedicated agronomy and technical services. Most recently this has included a complete 'health check' of the putting surfaces and tees on the Doak course as well as a soil survey of the proposed 36 hole extension site.

We have utilised the NZTMS Soil Laboratory (and our scientific associates) for most of this work, providing analysis and test based upon the following:

  • Ksat of existing sands and soils on the proposed site of development
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Soil nutrient analysis
  • Soil microbiological analysis

One of the more exciting elements of this project has been the investigation into an on-site source of Biochar that may be suitable for use and on-site amelioration with existing dune sand in order to create a rootzone material that has an enhanced ability to retain nutrients and soil moisture. This work is on-going but would be a great environmental story to tell if possible.






Our Turf Laboratory facility has been working with aggregate supplier: 'Winstones Aggregates' to continually assess and recommend a wide number of sand and gravel materials that are suitable for production and supply to the wider turf and recreational industry. As part of this work NZTMS has provided the following analysis:


  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Screening of material at various screen sizes
  • Yield calculations
  • Ksat (saturated hydraulic conductivity)
  • Moisture release curves
  • Calcium content
  • Sphericity and Angularity
  • Angle or Repose


Race courses:




We recently provided an independent agronomy report and track assessment of the Te Rapa racetrack in Hamilton. NZTMS carried out a site visit and collected samples of the existing track profile for further laboratory analysis. The tests included an assessment of the organic contamination of the top 100 mm of the existing profile as well as soil nutrient analysis and on-site surface infiltration testing.

In addition to these test, a detailed report was provided to the Club that set out in clear and practical terms what the current issues relating to profile performance were. A component of the report also addressed the nutritional needs of the turf as well as identifying the on-going turfgrass disease issues on-site.


Recommendations for immediate and short term enhancement strategies were provided to the Club.


 Synthetic turf installation


NZTMS have been providing Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) with independent project management and quality assurance services relating to the design, specification and installation of the IRB and FIFA accredited multi-use surface at the Central Energy Trust Arena (Palmerston North). We have also had involvement with artificial surface feasibility in the wider Palmerston North City and the specification for Schools.

NZTMS are able to offer the following service sin terms of synthetic turf surfaces:

1. Site feasibility and options reports 

2. Technical Specification documents and Schedules for tender

3. Independent tender evaluation services

4. Testing of materials to ensure that these meet the minimum requirements of the Specification (we offer this is association with WSP-OPUS Laboratories)

5. Project Management services relating to site progress and the quality assurance of installation at all stages of the project 

6. Assurance that the installation materials and methodology meets the warranty claims of the supplier and installer

7. Surface evaluation reporting and condition assessments (this service often assists the Client in understanding when the asset will require upgrading or complete renewal)

8. Surface maintenance programmes