At NZTMS we are able to offer a wide range of turf-related agronomy services to our Clients.

We have experience across all sectors of the turf and amenity industry, our services specialise in the following areas:


  • Golf courses


  • Sportsfields


  • Stadiums


  • Racecourses


  • Schools


  • Passive/recreational areas


  • Ecological plantings


Within our laboratory we operate a turf pest and disease analysis service that provides Clients with accurate, timely and cost-effective analysis and recommendations for a wide range of turf-related pests and diseases. 


NZTMS offers state-of-the-art agronomy services that utilise the latest and most scientifically robust technologies and methodologies.


A summary of the technologies we utilise to objectively measure different sorts of turf playing surfaces is provided in the following table: 


Technology Measurement Interpretation Type of surface
DIA (Digital Image Analysis). Light box and DIA Turf Analyzer software Score 1-9 (NTEP) Objective measurement of variables relating to turf quality and uniformity characteristics All surface types but primarily golf greens.

Vwc (Volumetric water content)

EC (Electrical conductivity)

Soil temperature

GPS logged turf and soil 'health' indicators.

All surface types: Golf, sports fields, Stadiums and R&D.
GMAX Clegg Hammer


GPS logged firmness readings and digitally logged on a job database

All surface types
Scala penetrometer CBR (Country Roads Board) An objective measure of profile compaction and bulk density of the profile Sports fields, racecourses and artificial turf sub base constructions

DGCI (Dark Green Colour Index)

Trimble Greenseeker

Score related to the presence of chlorophyll in the leaf An objective measure of turfgrass colour (NDVI) scale 0.00 - 0.99 All surface types
Digital Torque Meter Newton Meters  A measure of the turfs ability to resist a downward weight and lateral shear (up to 40 Kg) Sports fields and Stadiums
Parrymeter Lateral and vertical deviation measurement (mm) An objective measurement of surface smoothness and trueness Golf putting greens