At New Zealand Turf Management Solutions we offer a wide range of ecological-based services that are specifically tailored for scenarios where sports surfaces and facilities interface with the wider natural environment.

Will Bowden has a Batchelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management, as well as being New Zealand's only registered GEOSA (Golf Environment Organisation Sustainability Associate).


To-date Will has been involved in supporting the following golf courses achieve GEO Environmental Certification:

  • Jacks Point
  • Remuera 
  • Royal Wellington
  • Tara Iti
  • Wairakei Sanctuary

Along with specific GEOSA duties, Will has also been engaged by Auckland Council to significantly contribute to their recent Golf Facilities Report through the carrying out of site-by-site ecological assessments of each site and capturing the key environmental benefits associated with golf and the wider community.


NZTMS are able to provide clients with the following ecological-related services:


  • Site specific ecological habitat management plans - these guide the Club towards achieving practical goals relating to habitat enhancement and regeneration.


  • Environmental feasibility reports - Assisting the Club in understanding what is required to enhance specific areas of the sites environmental performance.


  • Habitat design and creation plans - Planting schemes, designs and provision of on-going maintenance plans for selected species.


  • Sustainability audits.


  • Soil biological audits and organic-based treatment regimes - Utilising our close alliance with soil ecologists and the Soil Foodweb Institute of New Zealand.


  • Site specific ecological quality audits (golf courses and parks) - NZTMS has developed specific software that enables us to provide your facility with a bespoke ecological audit and 'scoring' outcome. These can be particularly useful as evidence of prior environmental efforts when applying to funding sources.


NZTMS works in alliance with a number of experienced and highly regarded ecological management professionals to assist in achieving your specific ecological goals.



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