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Smart technology for sustainable turf and water management.


HydroSMART Philosophy
Maintaining turf quality requires application of the right amount of water and nutrients. Not too much, not too little. A management regime that achieves this will save money, limit the wastage of resources, and deliver the desired quality of turf at any location — school, golf course or park land.
HydroSMART is a management, monitoring and reporting system to realise these goals as accurately and efficiently as possible. Turf managers of projects of any size and scale, be it a small school or a large Local Government Authority with hundreds of parks, will benefit from the insights provided by HydroSMART’s customised technology.

HydroSMART is a cost effective management tool that assists turf managers to optimise turf quality. It focuses on both irrigation and nutrient management, which are the dominant factors relating to turf quality. It can use your existing hardware and is able to integrate all relevant data from multiple sources. Proven algorithms process this data,
which is then available to the user to assist with management decisions. HydroSMART has capabilities across key areas including irrigation, nutrients, spatial imagery for monitoring, alarms/alerts and reporting.


Data for Decisions 
HydroSMART is provided as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to benefit all irrigators.

  • Site-specific data as the basis for irrigation and management decisions
  • System Suggested Irrigation schedules how much and when to irrigate for the coming week
  • HydroSMART integrates with most existing hardware
  • Satellite imagery identifies changes in turf quality to enable remedial action
  • Configure parameters to enable alerts, including leak detection*
  • HydroSMART stores records of all water, fertiliser usage, and turf quality (satellite imagery) in one easy to use cloud-based system
  • Push-button and auto generated* reporting provides any users with instant updates on water usage, soil moisture status, and fertiliser application history
  • Ground staff and management can have confidence that evidence-based decisions for irrigation and water management are being made
  • Optimise resources to achieve desired turf quality with a tailored, easily implemented plan


Precision & Nutrient Management Made Easy

Satisfied Customers

“Our objective is to provide a service to our clients where they get the best quality turf, with the minimum amount of inputs of water and nutrients, without having any detrimental effects on the surrounding environment. We would certainly recommend this technology to other people as we believe it will be of benefit for management of turf, in particular to ensure water management is spot-on.” Ken Johnston, Sports Turf Technology

“The City of Melbourne had been looking for an integrated and configurable irrigation water management platform. SWAN Systems was successfully tested in one of our parks, and as it met our requirements we are now gradually implementing the system in all our open space areas.” Mohammad Kharouf, City of Melbourne

“...the software outputs, including the data from the soil moisture probe, have provided significant comfort to their grounds staff during hot weather as they have confidence in the outputs.” Greg Ingleton, SA Water


Decisions based on data and evidence can readily enable 20% water savings


The HydroSMART team includes experienced irrigators, agronomists, scientists, managers and computer programmers. Their combined experience gives them a unique insight into the practical issues confronting public open space managers. This has shaped the product’s functionality and rigour to ensure it is relevant and provides value to the user.