We have recently installed a bioreactor water filtration system on our turf trial research pad.

This will be used by NZTMS to monitor the potential positive effects that activated wood mulch has upon filtering out nutrients and other undesirable components of ground water that might be associated to the management of sports parks. From these trials we can measure how effective the model is at reducing nutrient leachate into the associated public storm water system (as well as adjacent riparian habitats) prior to exiting the sports park site.


The dedicated NZTMS Turf Research and Trial Facility is close to completion, despite the best efforts of the fickle spring weather. We have 1000m2 of 100mm deep sand carpet in place and just leveling up a further 1000m2 of topsoiled material in the foreground. Soon we will install isolated cells so we can measure the specific performance of factors such as leachate, plant health and profile performance over a wide range of innovations and treatments. 




NZTMS Site-Specific Ecological and Site Biodiversity Reporting


We are able to provide golf courses throughout New Zealand with ecological-related services that include:


  1. Detailed site ecological and habitat reports
  2. Educational presentations and workshops
  3. Site-specific habitat management plans and recommendations
  4. Practical guidelines that optimise the ecological value of the site

NZTMS has appropriately qualified staff to provide golf courses with a wide range of golf course-specific habitat and ecological management services. We have developed a bespoke (in-house) golf course ecological audit programme that objectively identifies the current and potential environmental value of each site.


NZTMS has been Project Managing the installation of a new multi-use Synthetic Turf Field at the Palmerston North CETA Stadium venue.

It's a project that has been installed by FieldturfNZ and will deliver a year-round playing surface that is FIFA and IRB accredited. This project also includes the first installation of the pitch monitoring system: 'Intelligent Play' in New Zealand.


The flash new NZTMS R&D Turf facility is currently being constructed. This platform covers an area of approximately 2,500 sq. m. and will comprise of a laser levelled platform, with fully operational drainage system and automated (valve-in-head) irrigation. The design of the platform will incorporate areas of sand carpet as well as soil-based zones that mean NZTMS will be perfectly placed to provide clients with independent and scientifically robust turf-related trials in a discreet and unobserved rural environment.

 Trial site platform being prepared


Trial site turf cells being installed


Paving/turf trial underway at NZTMS Trial facility (2019-2020)









NZTMS has been invited to present educational workshops and presentations at the following events in 2019:

NZTMS at Green Pavlova 2019


2019 Green Pavlova Conference - The value of organic amendments in a sand rootzone

2019 Fine Turf Seminar - Tracking the fate of oxadiazon in sand profiles (Tauranga) & Air2G2 trial data presentation

2019 New Zealand Race Course Managers Association Conference - 3 educational presentations focussed upon soil and plant nutrition and health for racetracks

NZTR half-day workshop on soil sustainability and interpretation

NZPGA - A half-day workshop focussing upon managing golf course playing surfaces and stakeholder expectations