At New Zealand Turf Management Solutions we take Research & Development very seriously. As an independent agronomy and sports surface design business, we believe that R&D should form a critical component of all 'Best Practice' across the New Zealand amenity and recreational turf sector.

To underline this commitment we have invested in significant infrastructure that enables us to offer what we believe are the most extensive, dedicated and innovative research and development resources in the New Zealand turf industry. 

These resources include:

  • Up to 1 Ha of available land for the provision of R&D services. 
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff on hand to set up, manage and monitor trials
  • Excellent resource son-site to assist in the establishment and maintenance of a broad range of turf-related trials
  • An onsite soil laboratory for the provision of physical and chemical analysis of materials
  • An onsite turfgrass pathology lab 
  • Over 5 years of experience in the setting up and implementation of a wide range of corporate and government-led R&D projects

Why consider R&D?

Whilst we acknowledge that a broad range of research from around the world is now readily available via sources such as the internet and social media, very little compares to trialing products, materials and even methodologies in our own unique environment here in New Zealand. In addition, we believe in setting up trials that truly reflect and replicate the sorts of environmental and physical stresses and expectations that are uniquely New Zealand.

Current projects:

Some of the current areas of R&D we are involved with include:

  • Unique paving system trials
  • Bioreactor filtration systems
  • New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Turfgrass trials
  • Sand/\organic amendment rootzone trials
  • Enhancing the 'best practice' of controlling Kikuyu in couch grass
  • Improving the yield of stolonised couch grass
  • Recycled glass sand trials
  • Establishing couch grass through seeded & vegetative means