Sustainable Turf Innovations


At NZTMS we are constantly searching for ways to embed sustainable design elements into our work. The principles of environmental and operational sustainability drive much of our in-house R&D and consequently we are uniquely able to provide our clients with the best suited options for our New Zealand conditions.

Over the past 12 months we have been working on a number of key areas that will set NZTMS apart from our market competitors in terms of being able to offer bespoke sustainable options across a broad array of turf-associated areas.

These include:


  • On-going design and trial work towards our exclusive Sustainable Rootzone System (SRS)
  • The use of organic ('BioGrow'certified) amendments to add to traditional sand carpet rootzones and enhance sustainable management practices
  • The development of our own cloud-based water budgeting system to optimise the sustainable use of water applied through turf irrigation systems
  • Embedding Green Flag criteria into our sports field design work
  • Investigation work to recommend the most drought tolerant turfgrass species for New Zealand conditions
  • Organic worm control product trials


We are passionate about holistic sustainability in all areas of our sector. At NZTMS we are committed to working through options with our clients that will deliver tangible whole of life benefits as well as not compromising on surface performance quality outcomes.


Our on-going worm casting trial for Hamilton City Council. NZTMS is incorporating a range of sand carpet amendments at different configurations to ascertain which system offers the optimum control of earthworm casting without the use of in-organic/synthetic or off label products.

A 3-year long trial based upon assessing the viability of using different rates of vermicompost amendment in a sand profile to optimise water and nutrient use as well as measuring effects upon earthworm activity.